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"When I visited Ushuaia I was amazed by its magic. Walking along the Beagle Channel and the End of the World’s Lighthouse, I felt the urgent need to write about these wonders. The contrast between the stillness of the waters and the immense power of the sea… The variety of landscapes… The stunning colours of the sunrise… All of these make of Ushuaia a unique place. This Symphony is written on its honour".

What's coming


A Tribute to the Victims of the Tragedy of the AMIA. This piece questions the behaviour of humanity. Divided into seven movements, this Kadish describes the catastrophe of that atrocious 18th of July. This work of strong content delivers a message of hope in search for justice.


This Symphony describes the wonders of the glaciers; The Perito Moreno, the Spegazzini, the Upsala among others. Altogether, they show one of the most extraordinary views of the Patagonia Argentina.


This work illustrates the Igazú Waterfalls. The Floriano, Unión, Escondido, Mitre, Belgrano, Chico, Dos Hermanos and the impressive Garganta del Diablo falls are described in each musical movement.


“All of my music has one common goal: To cause emotion. What music expresses is powerful and how situations are described is even stronger. My aim is to give a message that will reach people’s hearts. I am constantly searching for inspiring images which are a trigger to make music. As an artist, sharing my musical work is essential".

Early days & Career

Ángel Mahler was born in 1960 in the city of Buenos Aires. He has studied piano and composition with Evi Swillinger, Edda María Sangrigoli and Manuel Juarez.
He soon starts to compose and conduct, becoming one of the most well known argentine composers.

Some of his symphonic works are:

Sinfonía N˚1, Del Fin del Mundo; (The End of the World Symphony)
Sinfonía N˚2, Los Glaciares; (2nd Symphony, The Glaciers)
Sinfonía N˚3, Las Cataratas del Iguazú; (3rd Symphony, The Iguazú Waterfalls)
Poema Sinfónico N˚1; (Symphonic Poem N˚1)
Adagio para Cello y Orquesta; (Adagio for Cello and Orchestra)
Romanza para Violín y Cello; (Romance for Violin and Orchestra)
Memorias de Bulgaria para Corno y Orquesta; (Bulgarian Memories, for Horn and Orchestra)
Obertura ‘La Esmeralda’; (Overture The Emerald)
Obertura 1810; (Overture 1810)
Obertura ‘Las Dunas’; (Overture The Dunes)

The Symphonic Suites for Orchestra of the Musicals:

Drácula, el musical; (Dracula, the musical)
Las Mil y Una Noches; (A Thousand and One Nights)
El Jorobado de Paris; (The Hunchback of Paris)

His chamber work includes trios for flute, violin and cello and quartets for piano, violin, viola and cello.
He conducts the Symphonic Orchestras of Salta; Olavarria; San Martín; Lanús Chamber, Federal Police Symphony and Río Negro Symphony among other major National Orchestras.
In Sept 2014 at The Winchester Theater in Las Vegas, he conducts ‘Dunes Overture’, (dedicated to Maestro Oscar Carrescia),being its first performance.

In 2019, he is invited to the 'Classical Music International Festival of Ushuaia’ for a third time.
He conducts orchestral pieces and chamber music of his authorship. This year the Festival opens with the performance of ‘The End of the World’ Symphony’.
As composer of Musicals, he works with playwright Pepe Cibrián since 1983 up to 2016; They write "Drácula, el Musical” based on Bram Stoker’s novel. This Musical was seen by more than 3.000.000 people in Argentina and toured to Spain, Brazil and Chile. "Drácula, el Musical" is highly recognized by the local and international media.

Ángel Mahler received important awards:

Asociación críticos del Espectáculo de la Argentina ACE, for the music of ‘Drácula, el Musical’.
Premio Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, for the music of ‘Lucifer, el Último Enemigo’.
Premio Estrella de Mar, for ‘Robin Hood, el Musical’.
Premio Hugo to the Best Music, for ‘Drácula, el Musical’.
ACE’s Mention of Honour, to his Recognized Career .

He was named Guest of Honour to the City of Ushuaia, as well as named Cultural Prominent Character of the City of Buenos Aires.

He was Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires city during the years 2016 and 2017.

The List of Musicals he wrote the music for, includes:

“Drácula, el Musical”; (Dracula, the musical)
“El Jorobado de París” (The Hunchback of Paris)
“Las Mil y Una Noches” (The Thousand and One Nights)
“El Retrato de Dorian Gray” (Dorian Gray,The Portrait)
“Jesús de Nazareth, La Pasión” (Jesus of Nazareth, the Passion)
“Maximiliano Kolbe, Solo el Amor Crea” (Maximiliano Kolbe, Only Love Creates)
“El Rey David” (King David)
“Mireya, un Musical de Tango” (Mireya, a Tango Musical)
“El Ratón Perez” (Perez Mouse)
“El Fantasma de Canterville” (Canterville’s Phantom)
“El Gato con Botas” (Puss in Boots)
"Mamá es una Estrella” (Mom is a Star)
"Lucifer, el Último Enemigo” (Lucifer, The Last Enemy)
"Sandokán, el Tigre de la Malasia” (Sandokan, the Malaysian Tiger)
"La Odisea” (The Odyssey)
"Robin Hood"
"La Princesita Sara” (Little Princess Sarah)
"Salvaje” (Savage)
“La Importancia de llamarse Wilde” (The Importance of being Wilde)
"Wojtyla, el Musical”

As Director and Arranger, he worked for several Broadway shows such as

'My Fair Lady'
'Saturday Night Fever'
'42nd Street'

He composed film music:

'Otra Historia de Amor'
'Gracias por los Servicios'
'Los Taxistas del Humor'

His work on TV includes:

'El Mundo de Antonio Gasalla'
'Hola Susana'
'Su Comedia Favorita'
'El Show de Carlitos Balá''
'Manuela' (Novela)
'Las Vendedoras de Lafayette' (Novela)
'Peor es Nada'
'El Angel de Pepe'
'Aquí Podemos Hacerlo'

He also worked with popular singers such as:

Sandra Mihanovich
Marilina Ross
Raúl Lavié
Memphis La Blusera

Ángel Mahler keeps growing his musical universe. He is currently writing a violin concerto, a piano concerto, and re orchestrating his composition “Jesús de Nazareth, La Pasión”, for soloists, choir and orchestra.

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